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Shorelines & seawalls can be a great addition along waterways, making coastal areas not only safer, but also more enjoyable. Here are four great benefits of shorelines & seawalls:

  • Defense- A seawall provides defense against high waves, storms surges, and flooding. Seawalls are vertical or nearly vertical structures that reduce the energy of waves and reflect it back at the sea, helping to reduce erosion.
  • Recreation- Seawalls also provide a great place to walk, exercise, ride bikes, and sightsee along coastlines. Also, the seawall provides protection, so people can enjoy these activities even when the waves and water are high.
  • Environment- Although there may be some disruption to local wildlife during the construction process, once complete, seawalls offer the surrounding lands and animal habitats protection from the effects of erosion and flooding.
  • Beach- When you construct a seawall, you also create a designated beach shoreline that’s separate from traffic, bikes, pedestrians, etc. This gives individuals and families a great place to relax along the shore, throw a Frisbee, and enjoy the water.

While many seawalls and shorelines are built along public and commercial areas, if you team up with us here at Seawall Doctors, Inc., not only can we do the big projects, but we can also construct a smaller but still efficient seawall and shoreline along your private property, so you can reap these same great benefits! If you’re interested by what you read here, give us a call today to learn more about shorelines & seawalls!

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