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On Saturday, July 21st we joined 4Ocean at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park to help clean the beaches, mangroves and shorelines in the surrounding area. We are so proud and honored to have been apart of such an amazing event, where we worked as a team to collect and dispose of the harmful wastes that were in our waters.  Around 16 billion pounds of trash enter the ocean every year, which threaten the health of marine life and our ocean ecosystems. 4Ocean is global movement actively removing plastic and trash from the ocean and coastlines while inspiring individuals to work together for cleaner oceans one pound at a time.

Here, at Seawall Doctors, Inc. we pledge to join 4Ocean in their mission to rid our oceans from harmful waste. Every job we do, we vow to clean the surrounding seawall area. We will lend our hand to help keep our Florida waters clean, safe, and beautiful for years to come.

You too can make a difference. Below please find 10 easy ways you can reduce your plastic usage and keep our oceans clean and healthy.

1. Say no to straws.

2. Purchase reusable grocery bags and take them with you whenever you go shopping.

3. Give up chewing gum.

4. Buy products in boxes, not plastic bottles.

5. Buy food in bulk.

6. Wash out and reuse containers and jars when they are empty.

7. Purchase reusable bottles and coffee cups.

8. Use matches rather than lighters.

9. Don’t use plastic-ware.

10. Use reusable containers for your lunch rather than glad-wrap or snap lock bags.

Our efforts can keep our oceans healthy and save the lives of  marine animals. Join 4Ocean and the Seawall Doctors and take the vow to keep our oceans clean!

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