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Slab jacking, also known as “mud jacking” and “pressure grouting,” is a technique used to raise and level large concrete slabs. It requires drilling a hole through the concrete and injecting grout material into the spaces below the slab, which subsequently, raises it via hydraulic pressure.

The Seawall Doctors, explain some of the benefits of slab jacking. When you need a slab stabilized or comprehensive concrete repair, the specialists at Seawall Doctorsget the job done right the first time.

Some of the benefits of slab jacking include the following:

  • It Slab-jackingWorks: The most important benefit of the technique is how effective this method is. The slab stops sinking and stabilizes, and it can be raised and leveled to your specifications.
  • It’s Cost-Effective: Slab jacking isn’t inexpensive, but it’s far less costly than replacing the entire foundation. When you need a cost-effective solution to a sunken or unlevel slab, slab jacking should be your first choice.
  • It’s Possible Year Round: You don’t need to wait for spring or for a stretch of clear weather to complete your project. Slab jacking can be performed in any conditions during any time of year.
  • It’s Quick: The timeline for a slab jacking project is very short. It takes less than a day to complete most jobs, and you can return to using the area almost immediately.
  • It’s Non-Disruptive: Unlike more invasive methods, slab jacking requires no excavation or heavy earth-moving equipment, and it does not disrupt the surrounding areas.
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