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Why Is Soil Erosion Behind My Sea Wall So Harmful?

For two reasons! First of all, one cause of sea wall failure is soil erosion. During high tide, the water pressure exerted on the outside must equal the pressure exerted from the soil on the landward side. If the soil has voids, and therefore less pressure, the sea wall will not be properly supported. Cracks […]

Does Your Seawall Have Cancer???

Seawall Doctors has a solution : Many sea walls in South Florida are sick and we mean REALLY sick. Over the last 50 years the battle between Mother Nature and concrete sea walls has raged. At the beginning the seawalls put up a good fight but Mother Nature is relentless. When tiny cracks appear from […]

Lake House South Called the Doctor

Hey Everybody,Check out some of the work we have in front of us today at Lake House South. Good thing the Seawall Doctors were called, we will have this repaired in a jiffy. If this looks similar to anything happening on your property, call the Seawall Doctors today at 877-49-BUILD for your free quote!

“It Happens So Fast”

The reality is, it has been happening for years and finally gave way. Don’t let this happen to you call for your seawall inspection today at 561-367-3302

It’s What’s Underneath That Counts

Everything might look okay above the surface but underneath is where the problems will show first. These photos show the erosion that occurred under a sidewalk that looked totally fine above ground. Good thing we found the this before it became a major problem for the property owner. As we have stated in previous posts, […]