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Concrete Crack Repair
Seawalls protect coastal areas, particularly those near human habitations, from heavy seas. They can be immensely effective. Below the Seawall Doctors explain different types of Seawalls. Curved Seawalls Curved seawalls mirror the shape of a wave as it moves towards land. The sweeping design dissipates the impact of the wave by deflecting it upwards, away...
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Cracks Are THE Eternal Problem Of Concrete… To begin with thin surface cracks, also called plastic shrinkage cracks, it is important to know these really can not be repaired and the only reason to do anything is aesthetics as they don’t affect the concrete’s performance. To alleviate appearance of the plastic shrinkage cracks, a thin...
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SEAWALL DOCTORS, a full-service construction company, has been located in South Florida for several years specializing in sea wall repair, soil stabilization, infrastructure restoration, remodeling and construction.