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Case Studies

Problem: Port engineer found severe fractures in the bulkhead of the sea wall that sits alongside one of their main customer’s work area that refurbishes luxury yachts.

Solution: SEAWALL DOCTORS was called in to fill the voids and restabilize the area. An initial 100 gallons of polyurethane resin grout was pumped into 5 injection ports filling the original void and also filling cracks and holes underwater not yet discovered. The decison was made to pump an additional 100 gallons of grout, and again the process filled voids and fractures not yet discovered. All of this was accomplished without interfering with the refurbishing company’s task of getting a luxury yacht back on the water

Problem: An unattended broken sprinkler head and heavy rains caused soil loss below a homeowner’s driveway. With nothing to support it, the driveway began to sink and crack.

Solution: The Polyurethane Resin was injected underneath the driveway, filling in the space where the soil once was. The polyurethane resin infused with existing loose soil and created a firm foundation for the existing driveway. The homeowner saved in excess of $10,000 by not having to replace the driveway and had their driveway back within 2 hours.

Problem: An unexpected sink hole on a main thoroughfair at the Port of Palm Beach was causing transportation issues for inbound and outbound traffic. A 4-foot-wide area of asphalt had sunken down approximately 6 inches due to a leaking sewer line and storm water main drain. The typical method of repairing this type of problem would be to shut down the road, cut out the asphalt, dig down to the pipe, repair the leak in the pipe, backfill the hole, replace the asphalt. Typical costs are in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Solution: SEAWALL DOCTORS inserted an injection probe down to the leaking pipe. A hydrophobic polyurethane resin was injected around the pipe, sealing off the leak and forming a closed, watertight area. As the resin continued to be injected, the soil was stabilized all the way up to the asphalt, increasing the load bearing capacity. At this point, a high-density structural foam was injected, compacting the soil, and lifting the asphalt 4 1/2 inches. The job was completed within 6 working hours

Problem: A leaking 135’ seawall needed extensive repair to reverse the damage caused by years of erosion. Some of that erosion was under the adjacent pool deck, causing it to begin collapsing in areas. Excavation and sea wall replacement would have been extremely costly and time consuming.

Solution: The Polyurethane Resin was injected 12 to 13 feet deep behind the seawall, filling the voids, stabilizing the soil and sealing the leaking seawall. This product was perfect for the job as it has been independently tested and verified to meet NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for contact with potable water, an important designation for a job on the Intracoastal Waterway. Using Precision Lift 2135, the voids beneath the pool deck were filled and the slabs were lifted. Mudjacking would have been too heavy and disruptive so the lightweight polyurethane foam was the perfect solution. The project was successfully completed at about 2/3 the cost of sea wall replacement.