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Seawall Doctors, Inc. Explains What Seawalls Are And What They Do For You.

What Are Seawalls, and What Do They Do for Me? Seawalls, otherwise known as retaining walls are the steel, stone, or concrete structures that commonly border the shoreline. Seawall Doctors, Inc. explain why are they there, and what the advantages of installing a seawall are. SEAWALLS PROTECT AGAINST FLOODING AND EROSION Seawalls benefit property owners […]

Types of Seawalls

Seawalls protect coastal areas, particularly those near human habitations, from heavy seas. They can be immensely effective. Below the Seawall Doctors explain different types of Seawalls. Curved Seawalls Curved seawalls mirror the shape of a wave as it moves towards land. The sweeping design dissipates the impact of the wave by deflecting it upwards, away […]

Seawall Doctors Join 4Ocean In An Effort To Keep Our Oceans Clean

On Saturday, July 21st we joined 4Ocean at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park to help clean the beaches, mangroves and shorelines in the surrounding area. We are so proud and honored to have been apart of such an amazing event, where we worked as a team to collect and dispose of the harmful wastes that […]

Why Do Seawalls Fail?

When you live on beautiful, waterfront property, you want to make sure you don’t lose any of it to erosion. Unfortunately, seawall failure can compromise the safety of your waterfront while also allowing erosion to eat away at your property. Understanding why seawall failure occurs and taking steps to prevent it can help protect your […]

Seawall Doctors-Tips to Make Your Seawall a Selling Feature of Your Florida Home

Working with Experienced Professionals Working with experienced professionals can make a big difference in the home selling process. They can make recommendations, guide you when making important decisions, and help get it listed and sold quickly. An Experienced, Licensed Real Estate Listing Agent Hiring the right listing agent to help you sell your home is […]

Seawall Doctors- Frequently Asked Questions About Wood Retaining Seawalls

How Long Will A Wood Retaining Wall Last? With proper maintenance a wood retaining seawall may last for a very long time. It may be necessary to replace pilings or other parts of the structure as they show signs of wear, and some backfill to replace normal erosion is likely. In the end, the longevity […]

Seawall Doctors- What Should You Consider When Building a New Dock?

Waterfront properties are not complete until they have appropriate docks installed. However, there are several factors property owners should consider before building a dock themselves or having one built by a dock expert. How Will the Dock Be Used? A dock’s size is dictated by its intended use. If large boats are used, the dock will […]

Seawall Doctors- Let’s Talk About Rust Stains on a Seawall…

Rust stains themselves are not harmful, but their presence may be indicative of other issues your seawall may be experiencing. At the very least, rust indicates a strong likelihood that regular seawall maintenance has been neglected. Rust in the cracks of the seawall surface mean that salt water corrosion has begun to occur. If your […]

Seawall Doctors- How Often Should Commercial Seawalls be Replaced to Ensure Safety?

Your commercial seawall is the most efficient way to protect your investment. Initially, you may think that maintaining a seawall is a hassle. However, allowing your seawall to fail can cause significant financial damage to your business, and surrounding properties. You can also be fined for allowing your seawall to fall into a state of […]